Transition Planning

Transition planning is an integral part of the high school experience at New Way. We offer a variety of transition services to help families create realistic, attainable, and exciting plans for the future. Services include guided career exploration, career assessments, post-secondary education advising, and independent living advice. New Way also collaborates with local organizations to create opportunities for students while still in high school. Every high school student has an annual transition meeting that allows the student, parents, and staff to develop a comprehensive plan for the future.

The transition program at New Way provides seniors with unique experiences. The Career CORE program guides students in the development of employment, communication, and independent living skills. Students participate in a simulated job on campus that allows them to gain employment experience and apply the skills that they are learning through direct instruction. The College CORE program allows students to concurrently enroll in a college course. This program is designed to help students experience success in the college environment and prepare for the upcoming transition. New Way curriculum helps students develop organizational and advocacy skills that will be applicable in all future settings.

A website focusing on transitioning updates for current parents is available at

In our house, we call New Way our children’s second home.
– New Way Mom