Transition Planning

Transition planning is an integral part of the high school experience at New Way. We offer a variety of transition services to help families create realistic, attainable, and exciting plans for the future. Services include guided career exploration, career assessments, post-secondary education advising, and independent living advice. New Way also collaborates with local organizations to create opportunities for students while still in high school. Every high school student has an annual transition meeting that allows the student, parents, and staff to develop a comprehensive plan for the future.

Our Senior CORE programming aims to prepare every student for their unique pathway after high school graduation. In the fall semester, every senior enrolls in the Career CORE program for two periods of their school day. Students participate in career exploration, job simulations, and internship opportunities while delivering skills necessary for success as a professional and independent adult. In the spring, students transition to the College CORE program. Students concurrently enroll in a college success course within the Maricopa Community College network. Students gain the valuable experience of registering for accommodations with Disability Resource Services, navigating the enrollment process, purchasing school materials and adapting to the college environment all while receiving direct instruction and support here at New Way. Year after year, this senior curriculum proves to be a positive and growth producing experience for each of our students.

In our house, we call New Way our children’s second home.
– New Way Mom