New Way has a robust athletics program with a variety of recreational and competitive programs for all levels of athletes. Lower School, Junior High, and High School students are encouraged to participate in one of New Way’s many teams. Each year over half of our student body joins a sports team! The Bulldogs practice on campus and compete in games throughout the community. Our high school sports are part of the Canyon Athletic Association. 

Athletics build self-esteem and new friendships, as well as have a positive impact in the classroom.

Trever Tucker
Athletic Director
602.389.8600 ext 8693
[email protected]



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High School Sports

|   Tackle Football   |   Basketball   |  Cheerleading  |   Baseball   |    Volleyball    |   Esports  |


Junior High Sports

|   Flag Football   |   Basketball    |   Cheerleading   |


Co-Ed Athletic Club

|  Soccer  |  Volleyball  | Tennis |  Flag Football  |  Baseball  |  Ultimate Frisbee | Basketball | Weight Training  |  Golf  |  Pickleball  | Dance and Movement | Yoga | Hiking | Badminton | Swim | Bowling | Esports | 



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