Who We Are
It's a real family experience

Research-based teaching from certified teachers

New Way combines research-based teaching, personalized instruction and small class sizes (7:1 “student-to-teacher” ratio) that turn academic frustration into enlightenment. Each student’s curriculum is planned around educational needs and abilities based on thorough academic, psycho-educational, speech and language and motor skills assessments. Students are taught concepts and subjects in ways they understand, which builds self-esteem and confidence in the classroom. They also have access to on-site speech, writing and occupational therapy conducted by accredited specialists. All your child’s needs are addressed on campus, during the school day.

Learning outside the classroom

Prospective parents and students are pleasantly surprised when they tour the New Way campus, starting with the fact that they actually have a campus. New Way believes in the importance of social interaction and its role in childhood development, and the campus provides an environment where students can build connections and friendships outside the classroom. The campus is divided into three sections: lower school, junior high and high school. New Way has playgrounds, study areas, a library, athletic fields, a gym and a cafeteria. During school hours, the hallways are filled with student activity and learning. After school, New Way students can be seen participating in sports, government and leadership, community service and many other electives that expand learning, and happiness, outside the classroom.

Mission Statement

The mission of New Way Academy is to educate children with learning differences to fulfill their potential.

Vision Statement

Our vision at New Way Academy is to be a nationally renowned school providing exemplary educational instruction, state of the art remediation for areas of challenge, optimal social experiences, and the opportunity to unlock strengths and talents. As a result, New Way develops confident life-long learners who lead enhanced, productive lives and serve as positive examples of what individuals with learning differences can achieve.

In our house, we call New Way our children’s second home.
-New Way Mom