New Way Academy fosters a learning environment that not only addresses each individual student’s needs, but also incorporates executive functioning, social-emotional skills, and post-secondary educational plans into our curriculum. 

At each grade level, students are academically challenged according to their individual strengths and met on a developmental level to ensure success post-graduation and beyond. 

Explore in more detail below how our academic programming is provided for Lower School, Junior High, and High School students.

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For young children with learning differences, early intervention provides a strong foundation for long-term learning success. It also reduces frustration that can occur when a student’s needs are not addressed during the early grades. Our Lower School teachers are specially trained to provide evidence-based instruction using methods that incorporate knowledge about learning and the brain. This age group has the advantage of increased brain plasticity, which can be optimized with effective teaching. We provide young students a structured but nurturing environment that focuses on individual talents and strengths. This is a collaborative process. Our faculty works closely with families to build student confidence, organizational skills, social competency and academic success.

Lower School Students Enjoy:

  • 1st through 6th grade
  • Multi-sensory curriculum in phonics, reading, writing, math and STEM
  • Intensive remediation in areas of individual need
  • Speech, Reading and Occupational Therapy for qualifying students
  • Thematic field trips
  • Annual musical
  • Athletics teams including swim, flag football, and spirit squad
  • Interest-based lunch and after school clubs
  • 1:1 Chromebooks with assistive technology tools for each student
  • Spacious play area with state of the art playground
  • Student centered celebrations and events (spirit assemblies, holidays, birthdays)

Our Junior High teachers are experts in the delicate art of balance. Recognizing that this age group is vulnerable to media and social pressures, they are experienced at guiding students through adolescence and their search for independence. Yet our teachers also provide necessary structure and boundaries. Our goal is to build confidence in the classroom so students make good decisions in the future. Junior High students get to participate in sports and extracurricular activities such as leadership, community service, social groups and sports. For students who require extra attention in specific learning areas, we offer on-site reading, speech and occupational therapy.

Science-based And Research-based Teaching with Grade-level Curriculum

Junior High serves students in grades seven and eight, and exposes them to grade level curriculum based on Arizona State standards alongside intensive intervention and rigorous content level instruction. New Way teachers are trained to assess each child’s unique strengths and talents, and intensively remediate areas (reading, attention, comprehension) according to individual need. Classroom instruction is research-based utilizing methods that incorporate knowledge about learning and the brain. Teachers also work closely with families to build student organizational skills, social competency, independence and academic success.

What A Junior High Day Looks Like

Students are assigned to a homeroom class of eight to twelve students according to age and social maturity. The school day is divided into morning homeroom, seven academic class periods and afternoon homeroom. A student’s prescribed schedule includes math, reading, writing instruction, social studies, Health, Tech, STEM and a combination of specials (P.E, Art and Mindfulness) and therapies. Depending on individual needs, occupational, reading and speech-language therapies might be included in the daily schedule at no extra fee.

Junior High Students Enjoy:

  • 7th and 8th grade
  • Field trips
  • Guest speakers
  • Sports teams including flag football, cheer, and basketball
  • Annual musical
  • Interest-based lunch and after school clubs
  • Access to assistive technology tools
  • 1:1 Chromebook ratio
  • Spacious outdoor areas
  • Student-centered events including spirit assemblies

Our high school students experience appropriately challenging academic learning and accountability, mixed in with a lot of fun. Our standards-aligned curriculum is designed to stimulate intellectual growth, teach problem solving, logical reasoning and build confidence for life beyond graduation. All teachers are trained to provide evidence-based instruction using effective, multisensory techniques. Our program exceeds the criteria for the Department of Education graduation requirements. Each student is viewed as an individual with individual needs. Speech and reading therapy are embedded in the school day for students who require it. We care about the success and happiness of all our students, and we provide all the support and resources to help them achieve their goals.

High School Should Be Fun So We Make It Fun

We build an enriching, memorable high school experience by offering numerous extra-curricular activities such as school dances, social clubs, competitive sports and community service opportunities. The extracurricular experiences allow students to develop social skills parallel to their academic growth. Social interaction and engagement are integral to creating a positive high school experience. Don’t be surprised if your child genuinely looks forward to coming to school every day. That’s a part of the New Way difference!

A Different Plan Of Attack For Every Student

The High School team of teachers really take the time to get to know each child. Students learn to understand their own unique learning style and advocate for the accommodations and support they need. Students take courses required for high school graduation in Arizona. Students learn a myriad of assistive technology to access their course material. Differentiation of course offerings include the scholars program, a senior year college readiness elective and independent study opportunities.

Helping Prepare Students For Life Beyond Our Doors

New Way offers a variety of transition services to help families create realistic, attainable, and exciting plans for the future. Services include guided career exploration, career assessments, post-secondary education advising, and independent living advice. New Way also collaborates with local organizations to create opportunities for students while still in high school. Every high school student has an annual transition meeting that allows the student, parents, and staff to develop a comprehensive plan for the future. Grade level specific seminars provide instruction and support along the way.

High School Students Enjoy:

  • 9th through 12th grade
  • High School Transition Program
  • Electives including Digital Media, Yearbook, Woodshop and Production Design
  • American Sign Language classes
  • Interest-based lunch and after school clubs
  • Annual musical (past productions include Aladdin and The Wizard of Oz)
  • Field trips including out of state educational trips
  • Guest speakers
  • Sports teams that compete in the Canyon Athletic Association including football, basketball, swim, cheer, and baseball
  • 1:1 Chromebook ratio
  • Spacious outdoor areas
  • Student-centered events including Prom, Homecoming, spirit assemblies and community service activities