Corporate Tax Credit


The Arizona Corporate Tax Credit is your corporation’s opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Arizona students. Qualifying corporations receive a dollar for dollar credit against the corporation’s Arizona income tax. There is no cost to participate. Corporations just redirect funds they already pay to the state.

Recently, the Arizona legislature expanded eligibility to participate in the Arizona Corporate Tax Credit to include S-corporations. Now, S-corporations, including LLCs that have elected to be taxed as S-corporations, may contribute to the corporate tax credit program and receive a dollar-for-dollar Arizona income tax credit for their donation. A pro-rata share of the credit may be passed on to shareholders, who may then claim the credit on their individual Arizona income tax return. A minimum donation of $5,000 is required. Contributions are used to provide need-based tuition scholarships for eligible students attending an Arizona private school. While a donor may designate a school, a donor may not designate or recommend individual students for scholarships.

Read the manual from the Arizona Department of Revenue

For more information, please contact Scott Smith, Director of Development, at 602.389.8600 or [email protected]