Technology at New Way is implemented to enhance, improve, and stimulate the learning environment for all students. We seek to advance the educational experience and skills of each student by integration across the curricula at all grade levels. Some of the featured technology at New Way includes:

  • A One-To-One Chromebook Initiative – Every student has access to a Chromebook throughout the day. Chromebooks are the #1 choice for schools across the country – they provide a collection of word-processing, email, storage, and limitless Web-based applications predicated on making it easier for students and teachers to work together.  They are also engineered for faster boot times, lightning speed web browsing, instant updates, automatically backed up files, and a battery lasting the entire day.
  • A Bulldog Account For Every Student – This is a school-issued and monitored account that allows students access to a suite of Google programs (with no ads). Students can access their accounts from almost any connected device, such as home computers, tablets, and phones. Students have all the apps they use at school available to them anywhere.
  • A Dedicated Media Lab For Video & Graphic Design – This is utilized for classes like video production, along with groups like the Yearbook Club, where students design the entire book. Our lab features state-of-the-art computers, video equipment, and broadcasting equipment to support all areas of new media communication.
  • Digital Displays In All Of Our Large Classrooms – We are equipped with large displays in our upper school. Smartboards are installed in our lower school classrooms, which are interactive whiteboards that tap into a student’s natural ways of learning. The technology enables students to extend their learning collaboratively, using technology in the same intuitive ways they do in their personal lives.
  • Assistive Technology – This can help children with challenging differences by leveraging their strengths to compensate for specific learning problems, and it encompasses both software and hardware. The support can be key to helping students become more independent in school and throughout life; on the job and in activities for daily living. New Way uses iPads in our speech programs, plus specific apps that target dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other learning differences.

Current parents and students can visit the technology resource board in Campus Connect for more information about the technology available to them and their child, including answers to commonly asked questions.

The technology here helps me focus more. Otherwise, I can tend to lose concentration.
– New Way Student