Admissions Process

Admissions Team

Our Head of School, Director of Admissions, Director of Intervention and Director of Student Services comprise the admissions committee at New Way Academy. The team strives to meet the specific admissions criteria and identify students who will benefit from the New Way program. The team thoroughly reviews each applicant’s school history, records, diagnostic evaluations and parent input prior to admissions recommendation.

Please fill out the admissions form below and our Director of Admissions, Noah Mangus, will contact you to schedule a tour.

We are no longer accepting admissions for the current school year (2016-2017).

If you are interested in admissions for the next school year (2017-2018), please use this form:

Admissions Inquiry Form – Next School Year

After your visit to New Way, please submit the following information to our Director of Admissions. Complete an Online application

A non-refundable fee of $100 must be submitted with each application and may be paid online. Please note: After submitting an application you will be asked to complete and submit three additional documents by delivery, fax (602.629.6851), or email (

Supplemental Information: We require the following records in addition to an admissions application:

A full psychoeducational or neuropsychoeducational evaluation describing the student’s current cognitive ability using the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children IV (WISC-IV), Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale III (WAIS®-III), or Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale Fifth Edition as well as academic achievement using the Woodcock-Johnson III (WJ-III) or Wechsler Individual Achievement Test III (WIAT III).

Any other professional evaluations that have been administered should be submitted: speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychological evaluations and medical assessments.

Copies of current Special Education records (if applicable): Most recent IPP, MET or 504

Official transcript (high school only)

Please submit copies of all information, do not send your original documents.

Please email or send copies of this information to our Director of Admissions, Noah Mangus, at

The Admissions Committee reviews all required application materials to determine if the student is eligible to proceed with the admissions process. Once information is reviewed, the prospective student and parents meets with the Head of School to discuss the student’s school history and educational needs. The student will have an opportunity to tour the campus during this time. After the initial student interview, the Director of Admissions will schedule a time for the applicant to follow a two-day student experience at New Way Academy. New Way Academy teachers and staff observe the applicant during their visit and offer feedback to the Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee reviews teacher observations and makes a final recommendation. The Director of Admissions notifies the parents with the decision of the Admissions Committee.



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