Different Way of Teaching

A New Way of Learning

Great academic results. New way to get there.

New Way takes a specialized approach to educating students with learning differences. Teachers use multi-sensory teaching techniques, evidence-based curriculums and specialized interventions to help students progress academically. Speech, language and occupational therapy are provided on site, as well as P.E., art, social skills training and numerous after school activities.

Grade-level curriculum focused on individual needs.

New Way students receive a grade-level curriculum based on Arizona State Standards, and will not fall behind academically. The difference is that we focus on student’s individual way of learning. We create student support for each student based on a comprehensive assessment and classroom performance, and can intensively remediate areas of individual challenge. Our goal is success in the classroom. We address specific learning needs and build on strengths.

A calming environment that keeps kids focused.

Visitors often mention how calm, happy and engaged New Way students are in their classes. Students are actively involved with lessons that engage multiple senses. Every feature of the classroom from the color of the walls to the arrangement of furniture is carefully designed to enhance learning. Visual distractions are minimized and acoustics are optimized with assistive technology and sound blocking materials.

Students are assigned to a homeroom according to age, social maturity and academic learning style. They work in groups of two to twelve following a schedule of classes designed to meet their individual goals. Every classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art technology including SMART Boards© in all classrooms, two computer labs and 1:1 Chromebook laptops for the Junior High and High School students.

High academic and behavioral standards.

New Way is here to support our students in learning lifelong skills that will help them be successful in and out of the classroom. In order to best support our students academic achievement, we also must support their social and emotional growth. New Way uses a school wide positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) system to promote pro-social skills in all our students. PBIS is a researched based system which focuses on using positive approaches to enhance these skills. New Way is here to be proactive in teaching these skills and to teach replacement behaviors when a student is engaging in a challenging behavior.

Our staff have all been trained in PBIS and receive continual training throughout the school year. PBIS goes hand in hand with many programs on campus. PBIS is a school wide system that will be used in all classes, all areas of the school and by all individuals on campus. We have adopted three main expectations, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Do Your Best.

New Way Academy has given me my most coveted achievement, the ability to express myself through poetry.
-New Way Student