Alumni Association


Alumni have the ability to be a school’s most generous supporter, most valuable advocate, and greatest inspiration to staff and students, you just have to give them a platform.

The mission of the New Way Academy Alumni Association is to allow alumni to grow professionally, connect socially, and give graciously.

Our vision at the New Way Academy Alumni Association is to provide a lifelong support system to bridge the inherent gap that comes with graduation and the real world. This support system is to be a lifelong continuation of the culture, community, and resources found during a student’s time at New Way. This further solidifies New Way Academy’s commitment to providing a transformative education that will benefit students for the rest of their lives.

Find links to several resources, news and upcoming events at the following pages:

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If you left your personal email with us, you should be able to login to Campus Connect (if you’re having issues, reach out to [email protected]).