Northbridge College Success Program

Graduates may leave us. But we won’t leave them.

Northbridge College Success was established to help graduates transition to life after high school, and was created specifically for post-secondary students with learning differences. Northbridge is an academic support group that minimizes anxiety for students who are pursuing higher educational and vocational opportunities. The program offers guidance, tutoring, and classes that build confidence in the classroom and help assure the completion of their academic programs. Students enrolled in community colleges, four-year colleges, technical schools, and vocational programs are eligible to apply.

Academic Coach

Each student is paired with a NorthBridge academic coach for hourly sessions to help meet individual class needs. Our coaches follow the same format during each session to increase productivity and establish routines. Tutors support students with studying for tests, editing essays and creating study plans.

Weekly Coaching/Tutoring Sessions

Students enrolled in Northbridge work closely with an Academic Coach on a weekly basis. Topics include communication with professors, time management, long-term planning, goal setting, organization of class materials, and working with the appropriate Disability Resource Centers to ensure accommodations are met. The academic coach ensures the student stays on track with all assignments, and grade updates are sent out each week to foster accountability.

Success Workshops

Northbridge sends out monthly workshops throughout the school year that focus on specific areas key to a student’s success. They are taught by Academic Coaches that understand the tools needed to achieve the greatest results.

Social Events

Northbridge contributes to the educational experience by providing many opportunities outside of the school day. The social calendar is packed with activities throughout the year to keep students connected and engaged in a positive way. The friendships and experiences Northbridge students create are an important part of being a young adult in college.

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I attended community college classes during my senior year. Because of this experience, I feel prepared for this next chapter of my education.
-New Way Graduate