Tuition & Scholarships

New Way values and seeks students from diverse economic backgrounds. In order to assist families in affording a New Way education, New Way provides flexible payment plans and need-based financial aid. Additionally, several outside scholarship opportunities are available. 

Tuition for the 2022-2023 school year is $26,400. Tuition for the 2023-2024 school year has not yet been determined.

New students have a First Year Tuition Supplement of $2,100. This supplement includes a review of records, observations, and comprehensive assessments. 

Flexible Payment Plans

New Way has partnered with TADS, a cloud based school management system, to facilitate payment plans. New Way offers payment plans of 1, 2, 4, or 10 tuition payments. Payments are made directly via TADS by bank account or credit card.

Financial Assistance

New Way is committed to financially supporting families who otherwise could not afford to send their children to New Way. Financial Assistance for Independent Schools (FAIS), New Way’s partner STO, seeks to help a family bridge the gap between tuition and what a family can afford to pay. New Way utilizes the services of a third party, TADS, to facilitate scholarship applications. TADS calculates a family’s “estimated financial contribution to education” utilizing demographic, income, asset and expense information provided confidentially by the family.

Financial Aid applications received by TADS by June 15th, 2022 will receive priority over other applications.

Note: Applications by new students received after June 15th, 2022 but within 14 days of admissions acceptance to New Way, will receive priority for remaining financial aid funds.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

In addition to FAIS, families may be able to take advantage of several scholarship opportunities unique to Arizona: the Empowerment Scholarship Account and a variety of other awards from School Tuition Organizations. 

Empowerment Scholarship Accounts

The State of Arizona gives the parents of a child with a disability who is transferring from an Arizona public school the opportunity to receive an Empowerment Scholarship Account (“ESA”) to help pay private school tuition for their child. The State of Arizona directly funds ESAs. The amount of the ESA depends primarily on the child’s disability, as listed in the child’s Arizona public school IEP or MET report. A child receiving ESA funds may not receive scholarships from Student Tuition Organizations, including scholarships from New Way’s own financial aid program.

Student Tuition Organizations

Student Tuition Organizations (STOs) receive tax credit donations from individuals and corporations for the purpose of granting scholarships to eligible students for private school tuition costs. STOs award scholarships under four different programs. A student may combine scholarships from the four different programs. New Way has developed relationships with various STOs offering each of these types of scholarships. The descriptions below are a summary of these programs. 

The Original and Switcher/Overflow Tax Credit Scholarships are funded by donations from individual taxpayers. Any full time student attending a qualified school is eligible for a scholarship under the Original program, while only students entering kindergarten or transferring from an Arizona public school are initially eligible for a Switcher/Overflow scholarship. The amount of these scholarships is not limited by the State, up to full tuition.

The Disabled/Displaced Scholarship is funded by donations from corporations. In order to be eligible for a disabled/displaced scholarship, the student must have been identified as having a disability in an IEP, MET report, or 504 plan from an Arizona public school or must have been in Arizona’s foster care system. Similarly to an ESA, the maximum amount a student may receive in disabled/displaced scholarships is dependent on the student’s disability.

Lastly, the Low Income Corporate Scholarship is also funded by donations from corporations. A student may be eligible for a Low Income Corporate scholarship if family income is less than 342.25% of the poverty level (e.g., $90,696 for a household of 4 in 2021-22) and the student is transferring from an Arizona public school. The maximum amount of a Low Income Corporate scholarship per STO in 2021-22 was $5,700 for a K-8 student and $7,000 for a high school student. A student may receive a low-income scholarship from more than one STO.

Bob Reynolds Memorial Scholarship

The Bob Reynolds Memorial Scholarship was established in the Fall of 2011. In memory of Bob Reynolds, father of New Way alumni Emily Reynolds, this scholarship is awarded annually to high school students attending New Way Academy. Students who are awarded this scholarship are academically-driven leaders in their community and model students at New Way Academy. Each year, Emily and her mother, Karla, announce the recipients of the Reynolds Scholarship at the End of Year Awards Assembly in May.

Additional details for prospective families are available during the admissions process.

This is not the same little girl who started at New Way two years before.
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