Nathan Fuller | Jul 8, 2022

Junior High: Turning Transitional Years Into Successful Ones

Our Junior High teachers are experts in the delicate art of balance. Recognizing that this age group is vulnerable to media and social pressures, they are experienced at guiding students through adolescence and their search for independence. Yet our teachers also provide necessary structure and boundaries. Our goal is to build confidence in the classroom so students make good decisions in the future. Junior High students get to participate in sports and extra curricular activities such as leadership, community service, social groups and sports. For students who require extra attention in specific learning areas, we offer on-site reading, speech and occupational therapy.

Science-based And Research-based Teaching with Grade-level Curriculum

Junior High serves students in grades seven and eight, and exposes them to grade level curriculum based on Arizona State standards alongside intensive intervention and rigorous content level instruction. New Way teachers are trained to assess each child’s unique strengths and talents, and intensively remediate areas (reading, attention, comprehension) according to individual need. Classroom instruction is research-based utilizing methods that incorporate knowledge about learning and the brain. Teachers also work closely with families to build student organizational skills, social competency, independence and academic success.

What A Junior High Day Looks Like

Students are assigned to a homeroom class of eight to twelve students according to age and social maturity. The school day is divided into morning homeroom, seven academic class periods and afternoon homeroom. A student’s prescribed schedule includes math, reading, writing instruction, social studies, Health, Tech, STEM and a combination of specials (P.E, Art and Mindfulness) and therapies. Depending on individual needs, occupational, reading and speech-language therapies might be included in the daily schedule at no extra fee.

Junior High Students Enjoy:

  • Field trips
  • Guest speakers
  • Sports teams including flag football, cheer, basketball, cross country, soccer and track
  • Interest-based lunch and after-school clubs: from music to art to gardening
  • Access to Assistive Technology tools
  • 1:1 Chromebook ratio
  • Spacious outdoor areas
  • Student-centered events including and spirit assemblies