The New & Improved Chloe Kolaz

Chloe Kolaz

Licensed To Clown

Miss Chloe Kolaz grew up in Tucson, Arizona with lots of deer. Can you tell she likes deer? Watch, she has ears like a deer! No, wait, they’re gone now… oh, there they are… and gone again… look at the Deer Ears! Can you say “Deer Ears” 5 times fast? Miss Kolaz can’t either.  She can’t even do it after graduating with her master’s degree in Communication Disorders. So Miss Kolaz now serves the New Way community as a licensed Speech Language Pathologist and Wilson Reading Specialist.

Miss Kolaz’s favorite New Way events are the “theme” parties – the Fall Kickoff (rye whiskey), the Auction and Gala (red wines), and ALL the spirit assemblies (with ALL the liquors)! When not at school or “assisting” the junior high soccer team, you can find her hanging out in Tucson with her family, at a thrift store, or planning her trip back to Phoenix.