Admissions FAQ


When should I apply/enroll?

New Way Academy accepts applications throughout the year for the current school year. Class openings are based on availability per grade level and support services needed.

What kinds of support services does New Way Academy offer?

New Way Academy provides reading interventions, speech-language therapy and occupational therapy to those students who require support.

Are there any additional fees for these services?

No, tuition is the same for every student at New Way, regardless of support services.

Will my student be “pulled out” of class time to receive support?

Students are placed in targeted academic classes based on their individual needs. We have different levels of classes, a large support staff, and flexible scheduling throughout the day. Students’ schedules allow time to receive specialized services without missing valuable class time or feeling stigmatized for needing additional support.

What is the First Year Tuition Supplement for new students and what does that include?

New students are charged a First Year Tuition Supplement of $2,500 that covers reviewing records, completing comprehensive assessments, and developing an Individual Program Plan (IPP).

Will my student have an IPP at New Way?

Yes, every student at New Way Academy receives an Individual Program Plan (IPP) based on their specific learning profile. The plan provides services and accommodations based on classroom observations, academic performance and assessments.

New Way has transformed my daughter from an anxious,
non-adventuresome young 1st grader to a self-confident, outgoing, funny and friendly 7th grader!
-New Way Dad