Nathan Fuller


Mr. Nathan Fuller has been a New Way Bulldog for more than 25 (!) years, helping to developing New Way’s IT department from its early beginnings. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Philosophy. Soon after graduation, his interest and expertise in technology drew him to New Way (along with a decent reference from his Mom, former reading specialist Barbara Fuller).

Mr. Fuller recalls the days of working with one computer and dial-up internet, but celebrates the developments of technology on campus, from wi-fi to 3D printers. He is most often seen around school supporting our teachers and students with computer issues or furiously unplugging and plugging in things. With a laptop for everyone on campus, his days are busy!

In his spare time, he likes to try out new restaurants, go to local concerts, spin music, and watch his shows, Big Brother and Survivor. Since starting so long ago, his predilection for naps has also steadily grown.