Carina Warner

Director of Transition

Mrs. Carina Warner is an Arizona native with a passion for youth, coaching, and education. As the oldest of six daughters, she felt a call at an early age to lead and support others. With a semester left to graduate with her degree in psychology, she switched her major to education. Carina graduated with a dual Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education and Special Education from Arizona State University.

In 2012 Carina began her journey with New Way Academy, in which she has held a variety of roles. Starting in junior high, she focused on reading comprehension and life skills, where she also served as an inaugural coach of the cross country team. Five years down the line, Carina became a part of the high school team, where she taught English, Science, and Executive Function.Those skills led seamlessly into joining the transition team, where Carina facilitated annual meetings, presented transition and post-secondary plans to families, and built meaningful relationships with high school families to guide post-secondary decision making.  Having served in each of those roles provided Carina with a unique understanding of the inner-workings of New Way, where she used her collaborative, people-centric nature, to bring knowledge in areas of differentiated special education services and supports for unique learners.

Carina now serves as the Director of Transition where she helps students learn essential life skills to navigate life outside of the classroom and on into adulthood. She is a firm believer of self-advocacy, collaboration, and celebrating uniqueness. After school Carina spends time coaching a variety of after-school clubs and sports, challenging her students to a game of HORSE, or diving for serves in a friendly game of volleyball.

In her free time, you can find Carina with her husband and two young sons, aged 8 and 6. Carina enjoys spending time outdoors, trying out new restaurants with her husband and friends, reading exciting thrillers, and shopping for home decor.