Marilyn Michie

Marylin Michie

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Marilyn Michie graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary and Special Education. She has many years of experience working with children with special needs in academic and recreational settings. She developed the swim team at New Way in 2014, and loves to swim herself. Marilyn taught 3rd-6th grade math in the lower school and now works in administration as an administrative assistant. She schedules students’ psychoeducational, speech/language and occupational therapy evaluations and conferences throughout the year, as well as New Way’s version of IEP meetings. When she is not swimming or working, she can be found relaxing and traveling with her husband and pup or crafting! As soon as the snow falls up north, she enjoys spending her time snowboarding in the mountains.