Kimberlee Brown


Ms. Kimberlee Brown is a recent graduate from Arizona State University. She is excited to join the New Way Academy family this semester. She graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. She has years of tutoring students at Glendale Community College and a tutoring center named Mathnasium. She has taught different levels of math from Algebra, Geometry, Calculus I, II, and III, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra. Through all the topics she taught her favorite subject would be algebra. Ms. Brown fully believes that students can achieve any educational goal no matter their situation. She has an endless amount of patience and is willing to accept any students with challenges because she believes any goal could be executed.

When Ms. Brown is not at school, she will be spending time in the mall searching for a new stuffie to adapt. Her hobbies are painting, drawing, playing board games, tending to her plants, enjoying new restaurants in the valley and getting a drink from Dutch Bros.