Kara Williams

Graduate Student | School of Historical, Philosophical & Religious Studies, Arizona State University

“Think Different” is a slogan that you’ll see at New Way Academy, but it is so much more than just words on a paper. New Way “thinks different” about how kids learn, and approaches all students as individuals who have the potential to succeed in the classroom and in life. All they need are the right tools, which New Way provides through a whole-school experience that doesn’t stop at the classroom door.

Even more importantly, New Way teaches students to “think different” about themselves. Kids with learning differences so often come to believe that something is wrong with them because they have struggled in academic settings, when in fact, the only thing that was wrong was the learning environment that made them feel that way. New Way helps students understand their learning differences, shows them that they can succeed, and fosters the self-confidence they need to tackle challenges inside the classroom and out. Students come to see learning differences for what they are – not disabilities, not disorders, just differences. As a parent, I’ve seen how transformative that experience has been for our son, and I consider it a privilege to support New Way in its mission by serving on the Board of Directors.