Jose Penalosa


My connection with NWA began in the summer of 2009, when my daughter attended summer school at New Way’s then campus in Scottsdale. My daughter really enjoyed the experience as she felt accepted, respected and cared for by her teachers and staff members.  Thereafter she attended New Way where she flourished and learned according to her capabilities. She graduated from New Way in June of 2021.

We are so grateful to New Way for everything they have done to support my daughter’s educational experience.  The leadership team and staff at New Way are phenomenal persons whose passion and commitment to students with special learning needs is just remarkable.

During my daughter’s time at New Way, the school changed locations to accommodate growth, the student body has increased, sports teams were established, all different types of clubs now exist for the students, more staff and teachers are available, scholarship opportunities exist for students because of fundraising, technology in the classroom, and the establishment of a cafeteria.  All of these advances were accomplished by New Way’s outstanding leadership team, staff and Board of Directors.  As an Alumnus parent, I’m thrilled and excited to join New Way and lead it forward to many more accomplishments.