Brett Bernstein


As a parent, New Way Academy has played an instrumental role in the lives of my two sons. My youngest son transferred to NWA at the beginning of 3rd grade, after having struggled with social engagement and learning. After observing what my younger son experienced, my older son then transferred to NWA four months later, halfway through his 7th grade year.

The transitions provided an opportunity to start anew, utilizing the vast resources within a school of thought leaders, focused on elevating each child to reach their potential. Not only is NWA focused on the academic and social well-being of its students, it’s an environment where positive reinforcement builds self esteem, lifting those who may have struggled in their past to new heights.

Whether NWA is a intended to help develop skills through a transition, or to serve as a platform for growth through high school, as a non-profit school they reinvest in our children, ensuring each student maximizes their potential. Given NWA’s leadership in education, I’m beyond honored to be a parent, volunteer and board member within this remarkable institution.