Annual Bulldog Campaign

Educating the Whole Child, Supporting the Whole School

Education is more than just about what is taught in the classroom. Learning happens all around us – on the playground, in the relationships formed between friends, and clubs and after-school programs around campus. We strive for not just educational growth but social, emotional, and physical growth as well. At New Way, we believe that educating the whole student sets them up for future success. To do that, we need your support!  

The Annual Bulldog Campaign (ABC) supports our community by creating an enriching learning environment for our students. By supporting New Way through the ABC, you’re ensuring that our programming can continue to adapt and grow to meet the ever changing needs of our students.  

This year our Annual Bulldog Campaign supports educating the whole child while supporting the whole school. These initiatives focus on the critical needs of our students as they learn and grow.

ABC Priorities keep our students: 

  • Engaged
  • Supported
  • Healthy
  • Challenged
  • Safe

When you donate to the ABC fund, your money goes toward achieving these priorities. 

Funds will go towards:

  • Enhancing classroom equipment and services for students
  • Extracurricular activity supplies
  • Student-led initiatives
  • An enriching environment for all

Together, we can make an impact! We could not achieve all that we do without your gift. No matter the size, it makes a difference in the lives of New Way students. 

Thank you for giving to the Annual Bulldog Campaign! 

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